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In the treatment process, the physiotherapist uses gentle stretching, sustained pressures and a special positioning to achieve changes in the mechanical development of the body, thus, relieve pain as well as recover the altered body function.

The treatments are individual and can last between twenty minutes up to one hour. They are usually applied between one and three times per week depending on the type, age and severity of the pathology treated.

The typical ailments successfully treated with Myofascial Techniques are: low back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, painful shoulders, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, menstrual problems, tennis elbow, cervical lash sequelae, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis. It is also an associated treatment for fibromyalgia.

The physiotherapists

There is a large staff of physiotherapists specialized in Myofascial Therapy. Contact us to request an appointment.


C/ Juliana 4, Bloque 2, urb. Parque Real, El Escorial (Madrid), ESPAÑA
Phone Number: +34 918 997 101

To get to El Escorial from Madrid you can make the trip by car, train or bus.

By car: take the A Coruña motorway (see the map). In the Plaza RENFE in El Escorial there is ample free parking.

By train: see the Madrid Cercanías network map and check the schedules.

By bus: from the Moncloa bus station (access via lines 3 and 6 of the Metro Madrid network with line 661, check the schedules.


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